Welcome to TheCoin.pw Worldcoin (WDC) Scrypt Mining Pool!


Welcome and thank you for visting. TheCoin.pw is a trusted mining pool provider for various cryptocurrencies all of which contain non mandatory pool fees and utilise the proportional payout method.

TheCoin.pw solely rely on member donations/advertising rewards to assist with ongoing costs related to the operation of all mining pools, please consider donating. We hope you enjoy this mining pool!

Pool Details
Coin Algorithm Scrypt
Payout System Proportional Payout
Pool Fee 0%
Payout Options Automatic or Manual
Withdrawal Fee 0.1 WDC
Difficulty Options Automatic (1 - 65536) or Selectable (8 - 65536)
Notable Pool Features Solid State Infrastructure, Stratum Support, SSL, DDoS Protection
Stratum Connection Details
Mining Difficulty Stratum Connection String Miner Hashrate
Automatic stratum+tcp://thecoin.pw:3760 Any
8 stratum+tcp://thecoin.pw:3761 0-124 KH/s
16 stratum+tcp://thecoin.pw:3762 125-249 KH/s
32 stratum+tcp://thecoin.pw:3763 250-499 KH/s
64 stratum+tcp://thecoin.pw:3764 500-999 KH/s
128 stratum+tcp://thecoin.pw:3765 1-2 MH/s
256 stratum+tcp://thecoin.pw:3766 2-5 MH/s
512 stratum+tcp://thecoin.pw:3767 5-10 MH/s
1024 stratum+tcp://thecoin.pw:3768 10-25 MH/s
2048 stratum+tcp://thecoin.pw:3769 25-50 MH/s
4096 stratum+tcp://thecoin.pw:3770 50-100 MH/s
8192 stratum+tcp://thecoin.pw:3771 100-200 MH/s
16384 stratum+tcp://thecoin.pw:3772 200-350 MH/s
32768 stratum+tcp://thecoin.pw:3773 350-550 MH/s
65536 stratum+tcp://thecoin.pw:3774 > 550 MH/s

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